Female Clitoris Stimulation

Let’s be honest here..some people have no idea what that is..in a nutshell it’s fancy words for stimulating a woman with sex aids or without. For some people it’s a taboo subject whether that be because they are embarrassed of the subject of female clitoris stimulation, or because they don’t know how to do it. For others it’s perfectly natural to want to please your partner.  A great guide on how to do it.


Vibration aids..

One of the most common stimulations are vibrators. As previously discussed they come in all shapes and sizes and a vast arrange of colours. They are becoming, if not already, something that women carry in their handbags! Vibrators are great as they can be used by yourself or by a partner and you can have them on different speeds to suit how sensitive you are.  A lot of vibrators are gender fluid and can be used also to stimulate male genitalia as well as female.


Cock ring..

For a male, and obviously the partner will benefit from it as well, a cock ring is another great stimulation aid. Whilst the male wears it, it is a tight ring that sits at the base of the male’s penis, effectively because it’s so tight it helps to engorge the penis and usually keeps the erection. For some cock rings, there are “rabbit ears” what I like to call them, on the end of some cock rings so that a partner can also get the benefit of stimulation at the same time. This is a great aid for couples. I personally feel the silicone cock rings are better as they are softer.


Sex games..

A more novelty and fun element of learning different, and some of the best ways to stimulate the clitoris, is by trying out some light-hearted games using for example, sex dice. This puts some fun in the bedroom (or whatever place your in!) and gives you the chance to try out various positions using different aids according to what dice you throw. It’s an ample opportunity for you to find out what stimulations you like and what you don’t.


Human touch..

Another option is of course to use no aids apart from the human touch. By doing this you will know how sensitive you are and what basically gets the blood flowing and the heart racing! As you become more comfortable with your own body or with your partner you get to know what each other likes and doesn’t like and what works for you and each other.  This is sometimes for me the best!


To finish..

Whichever works for you or your partner you can always expand on that and try other things. You don’t have to stick to the same ways every time…experiment! It’s part of the fun and getting to know each other and yourself!


A Woman’s Sexy Lingerie Drawer

Most women have a woman’s sexy lingerie drawer…it’s a woman thing! They range from all colours, fabrics and sizes you could think of, and more besides. I personally have at least 10 pieces that I would class as sexy lingerie ranging from bra and knickers to hardcore PVC bondage bodysuits in black, red, even purple I have! I love using my sexy lingerie for making up with my partner.

Basic Bra and Knickers..good old favourite

For basic bra and knickers…less is more…leave something to the imagination or let your partner take it off you and let his imagination run wild. For people starting off wanting to feel comfortable start with the basic bra and knickers and build up to the more hardcore suits.


Camisoles and Negligees…sweet and innocent

If your a little embarrassed or feel uncomfortable in basic bra and knickers then go for something which covers you up more such as a camisole or a negligee. Perfect for this romantic nights or the self-conscious ladies who don’t want a lot of skin on show, again available in all different colours and types of fabric, although lace or sheer fabric is most common.


Full on bodysuit – PVC or bondage..little more hardcore

For the woman that wants to dominate or feel empowered then this is one for you. As soon as you put it on it can feel like a whole new persona has taken over you. You immediately feel sexy and dominant..paired with different sex aids you can make your night as wild as you want to do with your partner.


(ok maybe forget the gun!)

Naked…bare all

Lastly, if you don’t want to or don’t feel like wearing and sexy lingerie you don’t have to! Naked is just as good and if that’s what makes you feel comfortable then do it!


You do what you feel comfortable doing, you are your own person and know what level you want to go to, but sometimes it’s nice trying out the unknown but you should feel safe with your partner that you’re trying it or doing it with!

Sex Aids – best friend or not?

Sex Aids…are they the best friend that you can have whilst masturbating? Or are they more of an acquaintance? Each person is different, some people love them, some people are embarrassed to use them, some people don’t know how to use them…here’s an example of one of our favourites here at adultsextoys1.com

Ball Gags and Handcuffs

You have to have the initial trust with your partner to be able to feel comfortable using these sex aids. Imagine being tied to a bed post..completely naked..except for a pair of black handcuffs and at the same time having a ball gag across your mouth..complete trust is needed or you won’t feel comfortable enough to enjoy it or get any pleasure from it.


Anal Butt Plugs

The first time you have an Anal Butt Plug in it’s like a foreign object..something your not used to. The more you have one in the more you are training your butt to accept anal insertions, whether that be anal beads, anal vibrator or prostrate massager if your male.


Penis Enlarger Pump

Using a penis enlarger enlarges the penis by engorging it so that the blood flow maintains the erection and is wider in girth.


No more vaginal or anal dryness! Lubricants or Lube as it’s sometimes better known as, are great for everyone, from heterosexual couples to gay or lesbian couples. Lube can come in different flavours, one of my favourites is Strawberry it always reminds me of the sugar dummies you get at funfairs! Anyone else think that?…no just me then..oh well!


Are they for everyone?..

This is why you have to try them and see for yourself!


Adult Sex Toys – Pain or Pleasure

Adult sex toys or sex aids can be used for pain or pleasure depending on what toy you use. There are a wide range of products on the market today used for pain, or pleasure, or both, and available to all whether you are heterosexual, gay or lesbian sex, or for masturbation.


Vibrators all sizes

One of the most common adult sex toy or sex aid is the vibrator. Now vibrators come in all shapes, sizes and material eg plastic or jelly. Men and women both use vibrators for use on themselves or with a partner both vaginally or anal. It’s all peaches and Cream!


Anal products

Anal beads or anal vibrators are also great for stimulating your partner both before and during sex, and again come in all shapes, sizes and material.

Bondage and Fetish

If your into the pain element or both pleasure and pain then bondage and fetish products are ideal for you. Whether it be a whip, ball gag, handcuffs, blindfold..the list goes on and on. This line of adult sex toys is hugely popular with both heterosexual individuals or for gay sex or lesbian sex.


Lubricants, Condoms and Lingerie

Anal sex is far better with lubricant applied and makes things a lot easier for insertions into the anus. A wide range of flavoured lubricants are available and is generally a must buy for people just starting off with anal sex.

Condoms can be seen as a huge passion killer but it’s far better to be protected if your unsure of the history of the person your having sex with.

Lingerie or Role Playing Dress Up is another option to buy, from french maids outfits to naughty nurse outfits, lots of people enjoy performing as another persona.

Nearly there…

So now that we have a basic explanation of what products are on offer why not try something out you haven’t done before?..at the end of the day, we’re all here to enjoy ourselves, put a little magic into it!

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About us

Hi all and welcome to our website, Adultsextoys1 for pleasure or pain.  Sex toys has been something of a passion of mine for a good while now but finding the ones to suit mine and my partners needs has always been a minefield due to the vast number of them around.


It was a number of years ago when I started to explore my own body and what, apart from my partner could we use to make sex more exciting or prolonging, and basically heighten the pleasure we were about to experience between us.  It was during this time when we started to experiment with different toys and realised there were a number of different toys that pushed the right buttons for us.


There’s so many different toys out there that finding the ones that worked for us meant spending a lot of time and money on toys that just didn’t do it for us or me, so we started to compile a list of toys whether they be for pleasure or pain that we liked, used, tried.  We even spoke to our friends to see what toys they used or had tried.  Don’t forget  each person is different and that’s ok, but in the end we all want to fulfill the same needs we each have for ourselves or each other.


We realised during this time that putting a collection together of our most tried and tested toys (and there’s a lot of them!) could help other people choose or decide that that toy would be good for them or for their partner to feel the heightened pleasure or pain each of us likes to experience during sex or masturbation.



We hope that this website gives you an insight of what toys to try and enjoy and we want people to be satisfied both in the bedroom and out.

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